Did you know there is an election today?

Here are the offices voters will decide on:

Representative in Congress
Governor’s Councilor
State Senator
State Representative for the 10th, 11th or 12th Middlesex District
Sheriff of Middlesex County

One office to pay attention to is the Governor’s Council.  Governor’s Council races are often under the radar but are important as it is the Councilors who confirm all judicial appointments in Massachusetts. I hope you will consider Peter Georgiou for several reasons.

  1. Georgiou will be an advocate for “competent, qualified and fair justices on the bench,” and will take the duties of this office seriously, and who will spend the necessary time fulfilling his obligations of office.
  2. Georgiou is the only nominee to make clear is criteria for judicial candidates: integrity, experience and knowledge, temperament, skills and ability, reputation, and devotion to justice.
  3. Georgiou is best qualified for the job of Governor’s Council: he is a lawyer who has advocated for clients facing big business and big insurance and he has worked as a worker’s compensation lawyer since 1997.
  4. Georgiou is an elected affordable-housing commissioner in Lincoln, MA and is an alternate delegate to the Democratic convention.
  5. The incumbent, Marylyn Devaney is ineffective and has been in the news, not for her good work as Councilor but as a one who has exhibited “inflammatory” and “dangerous ” behavior.

It is time for a change in our Governor’s Council. Please consider voting  for the most worthy and qualified candidate – Peter Georgiou.

In other matters, here is what each ballot will look like:

My Democratic Ballot
My Republican Ballot
My Green-Rainbow Ballot
My United Independent Party Ballot

As there are no candidates for any office listed for the UIP, nor for the G-R Party here are Democratic and Republican choices:

On the Democratic ballot the choices are:

Representative Fourth District: Joseph Kennedy III
Governor’s Council: Marylyn Devaney, Peter Georgiou, or William Humphrey
State Senator: Cynthia Creem
State Representative for 11th Middlesex District: Kay Kahn
Sheriff: Peter Koutojian or Barry Kelleher


On the Republican ballot the choices are:

Representative Fourth District: David Rosa
Governor’s Council:  no nomination
State Senator: no nomination
State Representative for 11th Middlesex District: no nomination
Sheriff: write in candidate Angelo La Civita

NewTV has provided links to two televised Democratic candidate fora:

Democratic Candidates for Governor’s Council:  https://vimeo.com/180952804
Democratic Candidates for Sheriff https://vimeo.com/180908988

Now go out there and vote!


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