Artful Piano in Nonantum

In Nonantum we are excited to announce that our village has been chosen to host an Artful Piano. Organized by a women from Newton Centre, Maria Beatriz Arvelo, these pianos will be placed in parks in villages throughout the city. The purpose is to promote music. There will be scheduled performances and they are available for residents to come and play.

Our piano will be located in the Magni-Colletti park on Watertown Street. These pianos will be decorated by different organizations. The Nonantum piano is being painted and designed by students of Newton North high school drama department. All pianos will have decorative tarps on them designed by students of Lasell College. Other locations include The Street in Chestnut Hill, Newton Center and West Newton. Drop by and see them.

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Lynne LeBlanc

How exciting! I saw a FB post from a friend today about pianos in Boston ( and had heard rumblings about Newton; happy to hear it is here, too.

Jerry Reilly

We’ll have one in Upper Falls too, at the corner of Oak & Chestnut, in front of The Depot Cafe.

Sallee Lipshutz

My hang-out for muffins Monday thru Friday! Heard about it and can’t wait…Wish I had practiced all those years of lessons, hope someone else did and will play for us while we attempt to sing-along! Fun, fun, fun!

Emily Norton

This sounds fabulous! (What if they get rained on?)