A Time Gone By

A piece of Newton’s history disappeared this week with the removal of the iconic South Pacific sign.  That this usually mundane act attracted such notice (here, here and here, for example) was a testament both to the restaurant it advertised and the era it symbolized.  Although South Pacific closed in 2012, the sign’s removal made it clear that both the restaurant and the era when it was most popular were gone for good.

I only ate there once and enjoyed the food. What I really loved though was the atmosphere and the feeling of walking back to a time when my parents were my age. I think I may have even ordered a Mai Tai.

Time stands still for no one.  While it always hurts to be reminded of that fact, we can still take comfort in our memories of the South Pacific and of similar haunts.  Are there other places in Newton that can fulfill our almost primal need for nostalgia?  Cabot’s Ice Cream and Virgilio’s Echo Bridge Restaurant are two places that comes to mind.  Please let us know of others in the comments!


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Sallee Lipshutz

Johnny’s in Newton Centre.

Barry’s Village Deli in Waban! When I moved here 16 years ago they used to bang the bell and yell “order up” They would get irritated when you took too long to select what kind of bread and mustard for your sandwich – real New York style. Everything is the same except the Big Apple manners are gone. That’s a good thing, life beats you up enough!

Sallee Lipshutz

They still bang the bell at Barry’s…a neighborhood mom-pop business that we all love. Unimaginable to think of its not being here!

Lynne LeBlanc

The Knotty Pine and Buffs come to mind.

Lynne LeBlanc

And the Village Cafe has become a “go-to” place for my neck of Newton.