I have to admit that Peter Harrington’s “Chit Chat” about the ELECTION (HALLELUYAH) at the end of the Hillary-Trumpery rabbit hole raises the chance for less depressing conversations as a real possibility in a month or so. Whoever wins this November will bear the weight of gloom…either that our first female POTUS walks on feet of clay or that her opponent is a narcissistic demagogue. (Really? Is that all we can produce in the USA? Are you sure they weren’t made in China? Or pulled from the Mekong Delta by fishmongers and marketed as tilapia?)

Well…in a few weeks (not too soon for me) the President will be chosen and the National talk will wind down for sure. Then, a month or two later the real fun will begin to surface from the closets in Newton. Will our Mayor run again? Will he have a clear path to a third term? Who would challenge him? What is going on RIGHT NOW in the halls of the State and City Democratic Party as far as fund-raising? (Would that the “Unenrolled” could rise up and buffer the one-party ticket in this one-horse town!) Who will run for City Council and what will be their opinion of the Charter Commission’s work—work that has been percolating through the current Charter Articles with suggestions large and small—a Revised Charter that will be up for scrutiny in an up or down public vote in November 2017? Who will be the anointed favorites for a shrunken City Council two years later if the Charter Revision’s current straw vote suggestion is received favorably by the voters and half of the Councilors have to drop out? Will those 12 elbowed out City Councilors then run as candidates for an Area Council? The fun never stops.

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Lynne LeBlanc

Sally, Wikileaks shows us that many (from the Hillary camp) worked really hard to get Trump to the nomination because they saw him as the easiest opponent to beat. Equally true is that many (from the Hillary camp) worked really hard (actually, harder than they thought they would have to) to get Bernie out of the way. So perhaps in the spirit of chit chat and party blaming, we should extend the favor and realize that yes, perhaps we could have come up with better candidates but apparently neither Hillary nor the DNC wanted to give us that choice 😉

I agree: Post-election will not be pretty whoever wins.

As for Newton, perhaps, as you suggest, if we dread the post-election lull (should there be any) maybe we can find solace knowing Newton may have another circus on the way. And, lordy, yes, if only we can get voters to turn this one-horse town into a yoked chariot!