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It’s getting harder and harder to hide! There was a time not so long ago in the Age of Wo/Man when you entered your own house and expected to be safe from prying eyes and ears. Not that you were doing anything illegal. But you could find comfort in doing whatever you were doing alone…(Maybe eating ice cream?) Oh, sure, Superman, using his X-Ray vision, could see through walls and zero in on the Bad Guys to save Metropolis from ruin. But your occasional foray into the “Collective-Non-Criminal-Forbidden World” was sacrosanct!

Not anymore. It started with security cameras, those unbiased and sensible eyes that tape criminal activity and identify the mischievous, larcenous or felonious among us for prosecution. Along came the gantries over the roads that read our license plates and provide fodder not only to the Police but, incidentally, ammo for possible political persecution to overzealous DA’s or perhaps to investigators financed by divorce lawyers. We know that thermal imaging allows users to read through our walls to locate us in specific rooms within our domiciles. (Think about that next time you use the toilet!) Our Smartphones locate us if we use any reasonable map app.

Now CNN is going beyond the common helicopter with human eye in sky news coverage and planning to send C-3PO hovering over the many menaces to be reported on the five o’clock news. Do we think that we will know some Collective Truth because a robo-cam has gathered video images? Won’t those images be able to be photo-shopped just as the plastic surgeon can perform trompe l’oeil?

Should Newton be the first municipality to BAN DRONES?

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