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Top of the Day to All,

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall; I think Fall may be the best of all.  After all, you have the vibrant foliage and politics; your have you have warm days to remind you of Summer past and cool days to warn you of Winter coming and you have politics; you have holidays both holy an secular and you have politics; if you have children you have the frenzy or restoring order to your home and you have politics.

I love to make political predictions.  I usually predict the people I am going to vote for will win.  My problem is that I am correct about half the time.  So I worry, which is good, because I lose weight.  I put it back once the elections are over.

When I was a boy I found a lapel pin on the sidewalk that said Roosevelt.  I proudly wore it whenever I could.  I have been supporting Democrats ever since.  Because I have been wrong so often I try to keep my predictions to sure things.

I feel safe in predicting Donald Trump will not win Massachusetts.  I am not going to jinx the rest of the country with a prediction.

Unfortunately I am predicting that Trump will not be the downfall of the Republican Party.  Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think so.

I thought the Republican Party was gone after Nixon.  Agnew resigned, Watergate happened, Nixon resigned but I was wrong, the GOP struggled on.  We now have the result of that struggle presenting us with a 2016 candidate for President.

Certainly one thing we should learn from this election cycle is that there is a great deal of animosity against women hovering just below the surface of our enlightened, civilized society.  When you think that the Seneca Falls Convention was in 1848 you have to wonder what has happened that allows this hostility to continue to fester.

How do Trump’s statements get passed off as “Locker Room” talk?  I’ve never heard such talk in a locker room.  Have you?    Does it also go on in Board Rooms?  I think that giving him a pass on “Locker Room Talk” is an insult to all those that use locker rooms.  When I was younger such talk would have you removed from the locker room.

Have we become so overwhelmed by a constant barrage of negative talk and propaganda that we will accept outrageous statements?  If so, why?

Has Newton L. Gingrich’s campaign policy of attack and saying nothing good about your opponent now become the norm?


What say you?

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We can lay blame for our current stalemate politics right at Newt Gingrich’s door. When he instituted one party line for all republicans or else funding would be withheld – he closed the door on a wider think tank and opportunities for working with across the aisle to get things done. Now zealotry is writing our history. It’s a lot to lay on future generations to fix.

The only locker room talk I heard that approached what Trump said was when I was 14 years old. At the Y these days, men seem to be about their health and don’t’ talk a lot.