Concierge Medicine Comes to the MGH

Concierge Medicine at MGH

Historically concierge medicine has not existed at MGH; but changes in health care is forcing family doctors (PCP) to rethink the business model of healthcare delivery and how they provide care. What do you think of this new service?

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Lynne LeBlanc

I think NW does this also. I was looking for a general practice physician for my son but several doctors on the “taking new patients” list only did concierge medicine. I know several people who has signed up for concierge from their long-time doctors who now only take patients who sign onto their services at $1500/2000 at year extra.

The question of the changed healthcare system becomes: instead of more opportunities for more people to have access to healthcare, are we creating a two tiered system?

Sallee Lipshutz

Obamacare will play itself out in the near future; nonetheless,Its positives should be embraced. They are portability and insurability with pre-existing conditions. The other 1999 pages of the Act should be repealed!
Of course we will have a two-tiered system. People of means will always find a way to buy what they need. There will be fewer doctors because the economic rewards and life-style costs for people to choose careers in medicine do not match the investment that medical students would have to make to live a pleasant middle-class life with the ability to send their kids to college, pay off their own student loans and own a house in a City with good public schools. By lifestyle costs I am referring to the grueling hours of medical school and residency that are required of them while others in their age cohorts are home from work, watching American Idol or Survivor, and making more per hour than they are. None of this addresses the egregious acts of malignant oversight in which insurer-managers tell MD’s how to practice medicine! It isn’t pretty.