Favorite Outdoor Spot in Newton?

Hopefully everyone got a chance to get outside and enjoy this week’s spring like weather!  As all of us who live or spend time in Newton know, we are fortunate to have many great destinations to spend time enjoying the outdoors.

One of my favorite spots in the city, mainly since it’s so unique, is the Echo Bridge/Hemlock Gorge area in Upper Falls.  According to the Newton Conservator’s site, the Ponkapoag Indians used to fish and live in the area and when the bridge was built in 1877, it was the second largest in the United States.


What is your favorite spot to spend some time outside in Newton?

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Kathleen Kouril Grieser

Hemlock Gorge is gorge-ous! My favorite outdoor spot in Newton is Bullough’s Pond, an historic mill pond in beautiful Newtonville.

Julia Malakie

This is a tough question to answer, as there are many places I love for different reasons, and due to too much to do and too little time, most of the time I spend outdoors I’m what you’d call working for fun. I love Cold Spring Park because of the varied terrain, and paths I can get lost on, and the huge cottonwoods, and it’s a pleasant place to pull garlic mustard (though I wish there weren’t garlic mustard to pull). I love Dolan Pond Conservation Area because it’s so close to my house, nice in all seasons, and a great place to walk a dog when I’m dog-sitting. I’m also sentimentally attached to West Newton Common because we’ve done so many tree pruning sessions on the lindens there since starting Newton Citizen Pruners in 2005. And though the tops are now out of reach from the ground, there will be a lot that we can reach for quite awhile, lindens being lindens.

My favorite place to just hang out would probably be Crystal Lake, for swimming and reading in the shade in the park area, and someday which may be when I retire, I hope to have enough free afternoon hours to justify buying a swimming tag again.

Colleen Minaker

This past week I hustled over to Newton’s public golf course. What a fabulous day! The course was packed. My friend and I played 9 holes all of which were in good condition. All the golfers felt lucky to be outdoors and still very close to home. Everyone was laughing and chatting together, such a fun time.

Lynne LeBlanc

My favorite spot is the Blue Heron bridge along the Charles river where Cheesecake Brook feeds into the Charles River. I walk along the DCR path at least a few times a week and love the view of and from the bridge.
We are a fortunate city – so many incredible places.

Elaine Rush Arruda

I love to ride my bike through Lower Falls along Leo J. Martin golf course, then down Quinnabequin Rd (I am sure I spelled that wrong) to Echo Bridge. I also love to ride my bike down Comm. Ave. or Beacon St. to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir (technically maybe not Newton, but close enough!). I also love the walking paths along the Cove and, on rare occasion, ice skating when the Cove freezes over. Beautiful!

I actually have quite a few but one of my favorites is the aqueduct trail through Waban and the Highlands. Winding my way with my dogs gives me a wonderful opportunity to admire some great homes, get some fresh air, and quiet. I also love Norumbega park with the overlook on the Charles River. As I trudge up and down a remaining asphalt path, I try to imagine the circus carnival park that was once in residence there.