If Teachers Need Parking, Don’t Residents Too?

The stated need for more staff parking and easier school bus circulation for
the renovated and expanded Cabot School is eating into contiguous park land, and now, a home as well.  Plans are underway for the City to purchase and demolish a neighbor’s house at 23 Parkview to add land to the Cabot School site.  From my perspective, the following contrast could not be more stark:

A) Approval of the Austin Street Project and any future approval of the currently proposed Orr Block development (on the corner of Washington and Walnut streets) have included, or will include, parking waivers to reduce the number of parking spaces required by zoning.

B) The Cabot school renovation will actually take over park land and remove an existing home to expand parking.

Is there any justification for such a contradiction? What do you think? 

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Elaine Rush Arruda

When green space (especially in a public park!) is replaced with asphalt or concrete, it is a sad decision, slippery slope, bad precedent, and disturbing glimpse into the future. This doesn’t seem like a very “green” practice to me. How about a financial incentive to carpool or use public transportation instead?

Steve Siegel
Steve Siegel

I meant “Orr”, not “Carr”!