Top of the day to all,

For me, summer ended with Labor Day; for some it was August 31 and for most, I assume, it will end on September 22nd.  In any event, school has started, there is a noticeable increase in traffic, the summer is over and it is time to get back to reality.

First, I discovered that the dog whistle talk, criticizing my comments about the alien invasion being in code, was itself code talk.  Good going guys, keep up the obfuscation.

Second, should Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49’s quarterback, be benched for not standing during the National Anthem as some, actually a lot of people, have called for.  Or should he stand and show more respect?  Should he be off the team?  Should he stay or should he go?

Like Colin’s parents, I fly a flag in my front yard.  I have done so since the 1970’s.  I feel proud and lucky to be a US citizen.

Colin Kaepernick reminds me of our US Senator who, when face with a similar but different dilemma, once said, “They can tell me where to sit, but they can not tell me where to stand.”

Will you take a knee with Colin or will you stand with the rest of us?  Or, should we all take a knee with Colin?

Third, is there a moral question that no one is talking about?  Is it another alien invasion, this time from the twilight zone?  The Mayor and the HAAC’s want to add 800 units of affordable, low income housing as a contribution to Newton’s goal of proving that 10% of its housing units are available to low income families (including single people).

However, do to a glitch in the Regulations, if the project is juxtaposed in a certain way, you can count the expensive, market rate housing units as part of your total number of units available to low income families.  Should we be taking advantage of such a loop hole?  What does your moral compass say?

Since there is no project being discussed that would apply, would this be a good time to look at the issue?

Should we get serious about providing more affordable housing or should we continue down the loophole highway?

Finally, I hear the mayor is out campaigning for the Korff Newtonville project.  Can this be true?  Should he be doing this?  His Law Department is advising the City Council.  His Planning Department is advising the City Council.  Surprisingly, they say this is a good project.  Is that not enough?

Speaking of the Korff project, last month the Developer presented Traffic Consultants that said added traffic for this new mall will have a negligible impact on Washington & Walnut Streets, the pedestrians will be safer, bicyclists will be safer and we’ll improve traffic conditions by removing the bicycle lanes.  The removal of the bicycle lanes will also assist residents and customers entering and exiting the new complex.  We should also note that the Washington/Walnut Street intersection is now at capacity during rush hour.

This month we heard from more Developer Consultants that said the city will make $200,000.00 a year from the tax revenue generated by the project.  That money can be used to offset the deficits in our $360,000,000.00 budget.  That is a .000055556 (.56%) surplus.

We were also told that the Developer has not determined how long the Low Income Units will be available to Low Income Tenants.  “We’ll have to get back to you on that”, they said.

It’s good to be where things that seem to be aren’t and things that aren’t seem to be.  It’s good to be back to reality.

Carpe Diem (;-)

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Lynne LeBlanc

I carped my diem with this provocative post and came up with the following:
1. I was shocked to learn speaking humorously was coded language.
2. Kaepernick should not be benched.
3. If the loop hole is going to be corrected, then no, we should not take advantage of it.
4. I think it is troublesome that the Mayor is using his office to augment the profits of a developer. It makes me wonder about the objectivity of his Planing Department’s findings.

I’m going to talk about codes and marketing in my next post “Fix it First Part 2” but ignoring facts seems to be an alien virus that is swiftly spreading.