Our ship of state

It is impossible not to think about anything else today. Our nation is in a sad state. Violent and divisive events have culminated in the Dallas shootings last night. May our hearts and prayers go out to all affected and afflicted. May our nation find a way to heal and find a way to come together.  For me, the Roman poet Horace’s “Ship of State” poem expresses the anxiety of an unsettled and unstable nation. Here are the first few lines:

“O ship, new waves will carry you back out to sea.
Where are you going?  Quickly,
take your place in the harbor. Don’t
you see your hull has been stripped of oars,

that the mast is shattered by the battering winds,
your sailyards groan, and that without rigging
the keel of the ship
can hardly endure the tyrannical


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Teresa Sauro

Monday night at 5:00 at the common along side the Newton Police Station please come and show support to our Police. Please wear blue, bring a sign, and let’s fill the park with support to all of them.