Ready For The Next Election Season

Hi all, so this post marks the end of my six month commitment of writing on NewtonForum. I wrote one article a month, until last month when I was busy, so there are a total of five posts from me. Feel free to click on my name or here to read the rest of them.

Anyways, I am going to be taking a bit of break from writing here in the future. As you may know, this time of year is relatively quiet (on the local scene). I think a lot of people are away and unfortunately, it seems like things have stalled. Some might complain that our local officials are not doing enough, but after seeing a lack of posting here it does make me question whether challengers of the status quo would do much better. So, I figured I would look ahead.

Come December (or earlier), we will start to see names of candidates in the mayors race. Personally, I don’t see this as a critical race (things could change), but the next mayor will surly have some big budget and zoning/building decisions to make. I for one am interested in seeing who runs and honestly hope that the current mayor respects leaving after two terms, just like the President.

That brings me to the Charter Commission. I heard they took a staw vote (I think?) to make a 12 year term limit on City Counselors. Yet they can run after two years of sitting out. Maybe it is because they want the new Charter to pass with the voters, but with all due respect six terms in a row, then sitting one one seems like a pretty weak solution to me.

In terms of the City Council and School Committee, I am interested to see if last year’s large pool of polarizing candidates transforms into another large crop of candidates. And of course, i’m sure everyone is dying to know whether I will be running 😉 We shall see.

As of now, we wait. Perhaps it is best to focus on the Presidential race, although after the non-stop drama I am waiting for the first debate. Or maybe, think about how you will vote on the marijuana or charter school questions this November.


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Cyrus, first of all, some of us public officials work during the summer. The Zoning and Planning Committee of the Newton City Council, which I chair, met this past Monday to take up some appointments to the Commission on Disabilities and get an update and have a discussion about zoning reform.

As to the Charter Commission and term limits, which is what prompted my to post, the Globe West is looking for someone to write a short piece in support of term limits for their point/counterpoint feature. I have already signed up to explain why I oppose term limits. If anyone is interested in writing an opinion in favor of term limits let me know at and I will pass your name.along to the editor.