Seek Alternate Route:

Road construction and repair are as common these days as the pollen that coats our cars. The intersection of Comm. Ave. and Lexington St. in Auburndale, recognized as one of the most congested in the City, is undergoing construction that is creating huge traffic backups, in both directions on Comm. Ave. and especially Southbound on Lexington St.

Besides the use of police to direct traffic, what else could the City do to help alleviate this congestion? Perhaps GPS and Waze users are being offered alternate routes around the construction, but what about the majority of drivers who are not wired up while on the road?

At the risk of incurring wrath from those affected by alternate routing, I suggest that the City could place temporary signs for such routes, such as directing Eastbound Comm. Ave. traffic up Auburn St. where it can zig-zag over the Mass. Pkke and rejoin Comm. Ave. or continue to Rt. 16 and the West Newton Mass. Pike entrance.

As Newton’s Riverside project and Waltham’s many new residential developments (The Merc, the proposed apartments across Moody St. from Cronin’s Landing, the site being developed along the Charles River between Elm St. and Pine St.) come online, traffic will increase. Maybe autonomous vehicles will eventually rescue us, but until then, actively helping drivers find alternate routes makes sense.

Born and raised in North Carolina, came to Boston after college, then to Newton in 1985 a little after our daughter was born. I've lived in Auburndale longer than anywhere else in my life.

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