Taking care of seniors.

My mom lives in our home. She is unable to take care of herself but when given the option of a senior, assisted, or nursing residence she was thrilled to have the option of living in the home of one of her children.  While I might think my husband and family are unusual for taking this option, in reality, we live on a street where taking care of seniors seems to be the norm. Our neighbors to our left are a three-generation family: mom, daughters, and grandson all lived under the same roof. The mother is elderly and needs care and the daughters and grandson have seen to it that she is well taken care of. The grandson has sadly passed away but on frequent occasions his young son (the mother’s great-grandson and a daughter’s grandson) comes by to keep the family circle expanding. Our neighbors across the street took care of her father when he could no longer live alone. They built an addition with a bathroom for him and let him come and go as he pleased; his favorite mode of transportation was his motorized chair which took him everywhere near and far and in all kinds of weather. In our home, my mother’s limited mobility has necessitated several modifications  but we feel fortunate that home health care is so improved that we have found many was to help her age in place. It’s encouraging to live in a neighborhood where families taking care of each other are the norm – whether for financial constraints or just because it seems like the right thing to do.

If you are younger, have you thought about taking care of a parent at home? If you are the “sandwich generation” do you have a parent living at home or are you contemplating this? If you are a senior, do you live with a family member or would you consider doing so?

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